Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet joy, I love my boy..

We put our house up on the market the first week of April.  We love our house, but the school district is not suited for Jackson’s needs.  Otherwise we would live there forever as it is located in the middle of both our parents.  Last week we lowered our price because we haven’t had one showing.  An hour after lowering the price we got our first bite and someone came to look at our beautiful home.  We had less than 24 hours to make our house perfect and sparkley, as everyone knows that hardest part of homeownership with a toddler is keeping it spick and span.  I rushed home from work on Thursday and started right away.   Jackson is at grandma’s house until Sara is off work, so I didn’t have much solo time.  I tried to get as many of the jobs that only I can do completed when Sara and Jackson got home.  Sara had already cleaned the kitchen earlier that day and thought it was best for us to go out to dinner.   I was craving BBQ so we headed to Bandanas.
Jackson was so good at dinner.  He loves going out in public and we usually don’t have any issues when food is involved, that is as long as we warn our waiting service about his awesome ability to clear the table.  Since our mind was racing on what we needed to get completed at the house, we totally forgot to warn our waitress.  When she brought our drinks to the table Sara was trying to get the words out, but it was too late.  As the waitress went to set Jackson’s milk down he hit it right out of her hand.  It was totally like one of those slow motion scenes in the movies where the lead character is saying, “Nnnnnnnoooooooooo”.  Somehow Sara caught the cup in midflight. 

The waitress said, “Nice catch” as we all laughed. 

Sara was then able to say, “Sorry, I meant to warn you about his anxiety and he likes to grab and swipe things”.

The waitress responded, “No problem, let me grab a warsh rag”.  I was impressed with her reaction to everything as thought it was no big deal.  Oh and it we were at Bandanas so southern slang is expected.
When our food arrived our waitress made sure to keep her distance and did not deliver any of the food over Jackson’s head.  Jackson ate off our plates like a champ, so we had no left overs for once.  He loves BBQ pork, french fries, and fried okra.  Yup, he is my son.
Sara stayed up late to do some cleaning and organizing for the next day.  Jackson had ABA therapy, which allotted her extra time. Jackson also had a speech evaluation and Sara said it went really well.  The speech therapist says Jackson has lots of words him, so that is very exciting news.

The house showing on Friday was right at the time I would typically get home from work, so we hung out at Sara’s parents before my early softball game.  Sara brought Jackson to the game.  My team was thrilled to see him even though he was on the move the entire time.  He enjoyed running in the outfield, he even jumped on 3rd base.  I was surprised he lasted as long as he did there with no playground.  Our game only lasted about 30 minutes though sad to say.  We got short gamed.   This year the team decided we needed to join a more competitive league and we definitely found one.  We are currently 1 and 3; every game has been close within a few runs with the exception of this last one.  Julz, one of my teammates, joked, “Why is it we got old we so decided to play more competitive, shouldn’t it be the other way around… I mean really, wasn’t our team name a few years ago A.A.R.P.?”

Jackson made friends with all the ladies.  Jackson played a game of boo with my friend, Michelle a.k.a Double D (which stands for daisy dukes), for at least 15 minutes.  She was in love with his contagious laugh.  Sara and Jackson left shortly after our game so I could spend some time with my team and have some beers.  I love my lady time, I have played with these gals for just over 10 years.  My team name is “Here for Beer” which is suiting. Carol had me laughing so hard that the next morning I could barely sit up as though I did a million stomach crunches the night before.  Every season we pick up where we left off the year before, except our bats are rusty the first few games.

Saturday Sara, Jackson, and I went to reunion BBQ with my college softball team.  Sara and I were both really worried about Jackson not engaging with the other kids, or worse pulling their hair.  When we first arrived I warned all the parents that Jackson might pull their kids hair.  To my surprise all the moms were accepting.  Arnie even responded, “They are kids... Mine will probably pull back”.  The good news is we didn’t have to pry Jackson off any of the pretty little girls with long blonde hair, there were 4 of them.  Jackson had an absolute blast.  He was mostly focused on the playground and his new game of taking his shoes off at the top of the slide and letting them go down first. Only 4 of my teammates showed up with their families, a few had to cancel at the last minute.  Teri came to down from Kansas City and I was glad because we graduated together and haven’t seen her since.  We had plenty of food to go around and plenty of good conversation.  It is funny that after over 10 years everyone is exactly the same way I remember them. 
Teri, Karen (V-Dog), Andie, Me, Jami (Arnie)

Sara and I divided and conquered taking turns chasing Jackson around.  He is one busy child.  I was worried about him getting overheated.  After everyone ate and bellies were settled, Arnie and her husband filled up a bucket/tote/plastic-ma-bob-thing (I don’t know what the heck you call it plus it was pink, I don’t own anything pink) full of water. Then they let all the kids pick out a water blaster and all of them participated in getting soaked.  Jackson was so excited, he needed assistance with his blaster and he was making his fragile x sound, “Eennnneeeewwwww”.  I was worried the other kids would stare at him or ask why he was making that noise, but they didn’t even flinch.  Everyone near the water bucket was fair game, so I got soaked myself.  All of the kids were having so much fun, I can still hear them all laughing.  Jackson didn’t squirt any of the other kids, he just liked getting squirted.  After the water game Jackson was getting fussy, so we left early to avoid any major melt downs.   Just before leaving the girls decided that we were going to try to get together more often. We even discussed taking a road trip to Kansas City for old time sake and to visit with Teri.
Arnie and I are getting soaked as we help the kids.


Sunday was another great day.  Sara’s brother is in town from L.A. so her family planned a dinner.  Jackson ate corn from the cob and even did well holding it by himself.  We got real excited for him; he loves that positive attention although it doesn’t last long before he is throwing the cob across the table.  We also got to watch SNL with Mick Jagger.  It is always great to catch up with Sara’s brother, especially hearing how his shows are going.  How many Elvis Clowns do you know?  The shows are entertaining to say the least.

So even though we had an extremely busy weekend it was amazing and Jackson did so well through all of it.  I am so over joyed even though our showing didn’t make us an offer.   

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