Friday, May 11, 2012

That’s funny to him…

It always warms my heart to watch and listen to a child laugh.  Jackson laughs a lot.  Some of the things Jackson laughs at might not make one laugh, but because his laugh is contagious you can’t help but laughing alongside him.

One of things Jackson hysterically laughs at is playing a game of boo.  Not to be confused with peek-a-boo, you have to actually hide yourself behind a wall or something.  Jackson will actually lead you to where he wants you to pop out of, then he will run the other direction, and come back so you can jump out at him.  The louder you say boo and the more you can startle him the better.  When you surprise really good he will fall to the ground and they hysterically laugh.  This game keeps his attention for at 30 minutes and if he had it his way he would play it longer.   Now that his sign language has improved he will sign “More, Please!” which makes it hard to resist. I incorporated the boo game with swinging.  He absolutely loves this.  With the indoor swing the game is much easier because you can hide behind the wall or door across the hall.  Here is a video snip-it of that. Sorry for the lack of light:

Another game Jackson enjoys laughing hysterically at we call “Get-cha”.  My sister-in-law started this with him and he has in-listed in me to play this with him when she is not around.  He laughs much harder when Tricia plays with him, however our games of “Get-cha” are little different.  Tricia will turn Jackson upside down while kissing all over his neck.  The two of them feed off each other’s laughter.  It is so freaking cute.  My game of “Get-cha” is a little different.  Jackson lies down on the floor and signs “More”.  Then I crawl or creep towards him saying “I’m gonna Get-cha!” and I lie on top of him and try to get kiss all over his neck.  He likes the deep pressure of me lying on top of him and he also likes the tickles on his neck.  Sometime I blow a big zerburt on his belly. When you play this game with Jackson, you have to hold his hands down because he gets so excited he pulls your hair.  We are really working on trying to keep him from doing that, but it is hard because there are so many triggers.  Man he can pull you hair hard.   As soon as he pulls the hair, the game is over and it is hard to end because he keeps signing “More, more” and even though it is cute I don’t want to enforce that behavior.

Jackson also laughs at people when they sneeze or blow their noses.  I never thought of this to be funny, but after thinking about it…why wouldn’t it be funny.  Think about it, when you sneeze you can’t control facial expression and most of the time you probably look like a cartoon character.  I am one of those rapid fire sneezes; they are very quiet and come in 6’s or more.  People have made fun of my sneezes since I was young, but I can’t change it.  When I blow my nose it is usually just a quiet, you don’t typically hear it.  Last night after dinner I had a rapid fire sneeze fit to which Jackson laughed at.  I grabbed a tissue and started to blow my nose.  Jackson pointed at me with a smile, so I asked him if he needed a tissue.  He nodded yes, so I handed him one.  He took the tissue, held it up to his nose, and then started blowing into the tissue making sounds affects imitating his interpretation of how to blow his nose.  Sara and I laughed hysterically and with iPhone nearby took video.  We welcome imitation in our house with open arms. Here is the video:

I hope Jackson will always find laugher… I only wish the world could see things through his eyes.  

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