Friday, May 25, 2012

Communication oh plenty...

Jackson is so close to making words.  We have even had some babble lately.  The other night we had taco’s for dinner, the boy ate two. After dinner he was babbling up a storm, I guess he needs some seasoned beef to wake up his vocal cords. 

Here are some of his sounds with the words he means:
Ø  Doo-doo-bah = Jackson, that is how he says his full name (accompanied by tapping his hand on his chest)
Ø  Dack = Jack, when you ask him what is his name he sometimes says the above or shortens it.  He also taps on his chest.
Ø  Duck = Duck
Ø  Dat = Hat (accompanied by the sign for hat)
Ø  Ba = Ball (accompanied by the sign for ball) or Balloon
Ø  Bu = Blue (accompanied by the sign for red, we are working on the right sign)
Ø  Pa-pa = Purple
Ø  Pah = Please (accompanied by the sign for please)
Ø  Ra = Red (accompanied by the sign for red). Sometimes he can say red clear as day
Ø  Raba = Red ball
Ø  Bubbas = Bubbles (accompanied by the sign for bubbles)
Ø  Bababas = Banana (he also taps out the syllables)
Ø  Bob = Bob the neighbors name. 
Ø  Ty Ty = Short for Tyler our 12 year old Chihuahua
Ø  Moo = Short for Mookie our 13 year old Border Collie mix
Ø  Doug = Dog (accompanied by the sign for dog)
Ø  Dah  (Sound made at a high pitch level) = Drink (accompanied by the sign for drink) also used for that and yes.
Ø  Dada = Nana (accompanied by the sign we made up for Nana, which is the sign for hat)
Ø  BaBa = Mama (accompanied by the sign for Mom)
Ø  I-pa = iPad
Ø  Oh-pa = Open (accompanied by the sign for open)
Ø  Ah-pa = Grandpa (Sara’s dad, sometimes accompanied by the sign for grandpa)
Ø  Weebles = Weebles, his toy Weebles tree house.  He has said this a few times for me.
Ø  Ah-da = All Done! (accompanied by the sign for all done) He has clearly said all done a few times.
Ø  Eh or Keh = Means just about anything, but uses mostly to get our attention, sometimes accompanied with the sign for what he wants, mostly accompanied by him sticking his fingers down his throat.

Jackson’s sign language has improved so much, but he still has some trouble.  He does obsess over some items which he is completely accurate on like cracker, cookie, drink, swing, and vacuum.  He will follow those with the sign for more or please. Jackson can sign a few colors; red and orange are right on the money, but he knows blue, green, purple, and yellow.  Jackson is really excited to do his colors with you and he will point out colors on objects without prompting.  I can ask him what is Nana’s favorite color and he will gladly sign orange with a huge smile on this face.  He will tell you his favorite color is blue and he points to something green for Mama’s favorite color.  

Jackson also loves to sing with his sign language.  His favorite two songs are “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “The Wheels on the Bus”.  Sometimes Jackson gets frustrated when we can’t figure out what he is saying or signing, but he has gotten much better at guiding us to what he wants.  Then there is the pantry which he will stand at, point too, sign and say open, guide you to, and bang his head on…now he is going for the knob.  He knows we know what he wants, but there are still rules and we aren’t going to let him eat the day way.  Seriously it is amazing this kid hasn’t turned into a cheez-it.   Jackson is close to figuring out how to open doors…  Man…are we are in for a real treat when he does, or is it he will be in for a real treat?!? You choose.. HA! 

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