Fragile X Resources


Your Genes Your Health: - Fragile X page

FRAXA Research Foundation:

The National Fragile X Foundation:

GeneTests: - A publicly funded medical genetics information resource developed for physicians, other healthcare providers, and researchers, available at no cost to all interested persons. Select “GeneReviews” do a search on FMR1 or FRAGILE X to pull up information on Fragile X.


Dr. Marcia Braden (behavioral expert):

Developmental FX:

Fragile X Resource Center of Missouri first giving page that hosts upcoming events: -  The Fragile X Resource Center of MO unites the local community to enrich lives through educational and emotional support, promote public and professional awareness, and support research toward improved treatments and ultimately cures for Fragile X.


Fantastically Fragile X - The FX Brag Room:


First Down Towards a Cure:

Fragile X - Hitting the mark:

Living with Fragile X – a documentary:


News Week article – When Love is Not Enough

Time Article – Fragile X: Unraveling Autism's Secrets:,9171,1818268,00.html

Time Article – A new approach to correcting autism:,8599,1696451,00.html

NY Times - Promise Seen in Drug for Retardation Syndrome: Mens health article – Fragile X Chromosomal disorder affecting mainly men


FRAXA Listserv:
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My Fragile X Community (The National Fragile X Foundation):

FXTAS Yahoo Group:


Advances in the treatment of Fragile X Syndrome:

Medication Guide for Fragile X:


Seaside Therapeutics:

Clinical Trials:

The Fragile X Research Registry:

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