Monday, May 5, 2014

Still Catching Up....

***Disclaimer: This post has been sitting on the editors table awaiting some pictures.  I am not sure if I will ever have time to sort through the pictures before the year goes by and this post is lost.  I want to get everyone caught up on the Hamilton household so I can get back to post more regularly.  So here is December...without pictures.***

December 2013 - Since I am not getting any younger….and I “point and click” for a living since my senior year of college, I developed a case of tennis elbow.  I had physical therapy for the month of November and it was wrapping up in the beginning of December.  The Windows 7 project and excessive overtime now behind me, it was time to get caught up on being with my family, friends, and rest…must needed rest.  Last year I was not able to do much shopping for Christmas because the project consumed all of my free time.  This year I was able to go with Sara to shop for our families.  I would say the majority of our gifts came from Target, a familiar place for Jackson to shop and it is one of his favorites.  He likes to try on the hats and asks for your phone to take a picture. I have tons of random pictures in my phone of Jackson wearing/trying on hats at Target.
We took Jackson to Milk and Cookies with Santa hosted by Life Skills' TouchPoint. Every year the event gets better for Jackson.  Not to mention Jackson’s communication has really taken off, so he can express what he wants and feels with words more and more everyday vs. pulling our hair or banging his head in frustration.  “Oh my Gosh Josh” was in attendance again this year, he remembered Jackson from the previous year and Jackson remembered him.  Sara and I have learned how to take turns waiting in line for each of the activities and bringing Jackson over when one of us reach the front of the line.  This year for the first time Jackson was able to get a balloon animal.  He requested a blue deer.  Jackson also got a candy cane tattoo on his hand and he really enjoyed the choir singing on stage.  We lasted longer this year than we have before and got an awesome picture with Santa.  We also attended our local firehouse with Santa event.  Jackson had a blast and was able to get a picture with both Mr. and Mrs. Claus. 
Sara and I attended the annual OBG Christmas party.  Kim and Jordan hosted this year and it was Mexican themed food.  Thanks to all those who make me a special side dish without onions.  We played an awesome game where there was this wrapped gift and each of us took turns rolling dice.  I can’t remember what you had to roll to get a chance to open the gift with oven mitts on, but it was a blast.  I think my abs still hurt from laughing so hard.  It was great night, filled with love, laughter, joy, cheers (lots of cheers), and of course Karaoke.
I took the two weeks off between Christmas and New Year’s.  Jackson helped decorate the tree this year; however it was more fun for him to pull the ornaments off and throw them.  We wised up and use plastic Christmas balls that we bought on clearance after Christmas the year before.  Christmas morning is still hard for Jackson.  This year Sara woke up with cold, Jackson had a runny nose…and mine had just started, not a great start to the morning. Even though Jackson is starting to understand the concept of presents, it doesn’t coincide with his typical morning routine.  We are still learning the best way to approach the day, each year we learn more.  First Jackson gets his morning bar with his yogurt filled with medicine.  Then we move to stockings.  Jackson is done with the excitement about half way through his stocking, and then he is wants to be in the living room with his iPod.  After bringing him back to the Christmas tree for what seemed like a million times, and picking him off the ground after he melted down to the floor, we moved the presents to where he wanted to be. Then we get ready to head over to Sara’s parents’ house.   Yay, mimosas and breakfast…yummy.  We made sure Jackson got as many breaks as he needed  during present time. After a few gifts, he was done so Sara and I took turns being with Jackson while the rest of the family enjoyed sharing gifts.  Jackson did really well through the excitement, having an iphone with Zac Brown available helped a lot. After all the gifts are done and the family phone calls are made to thank those who sent gifts from afar, we head downstairs for a tradition of game play.  Once the games are done, we pack up and head to my grandma’s for snacks, desserts, and more gifts.  We were on high alert as little Emma is becoming more mobile and my grandma has lots of little nick-knacks and collectables.  My dad saved the best gift for last; he bought Jackson a snare drum.  Jackson jammed on that, giving grandma a near heart attack.  Her reaction was priceless…it’s hard for grandma to understand boys even though most of her grandchildren and great grandchildren are mostly boys, she raised 3 amazing daughters. I am sure she slept for a week after our visit.  Jackson was excited to see his cousins and Auntie Tricia.  I think my favorite part get my niece to fall asleep in my arms.  Jackson’s favorite part was when Emma pooped and had to go lay down to get changed.  He still talks about it to this day… “Emma…POOP! Down…” followed by giggles.  The night came to an end and we were all exhausted.  Sara was such a trooper feeling as bad as she did.  We survived another Christmas.  LOL!
While Sara’s brother was in town we were able to go see a Clownvis show.  It was a nice night to get out and about after a week of being in the house nursing sick people, including myself.  We had a blast….