Friday, July 8, 2011

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm

Last night was a rough night of sleep in our house again. I was ubber crabby to say the least. It was hard to not get out the shower to finish getting ready for work, but I made it through. The best parts of my day are leaving for work and coming home. You might think that is strange to include leaving for work in that statement, but let me explain. Even though today was rough getting out of bed I am still one of those morning people.  I have always looked at mornings as a fresh start to a new day.

Sure...going to work is not my favorite thing to do, it is the send off I get that makes it so special. One of Jackson's favorite things to do is watch people leave or come. He will stand at the window, knock and bang on it, flap his hands, making his "Eeeennnneewww" sound, jump up and down, and wave. He is so excited. If the neighbors are out, he will get just as excited and wave to them. He loves to see people on the other side of the window.

This morning Jackson was really fussy, but after laying around a little bit with mamma, he seemed more his morning self. He knows when it is close to the time for me to go down the steps and drive away and he starts getting excited. Mamma and Jackson were sharing a banana at leave time, but that didn't stop him for giving me a kiss goodbye. Mmm, banana kisses. I get my kisses from everyone every morning and then down the stairs I go. As I open the garage, I can hear him banging on the window and jump'n up and down already.  I start the car, pull out, and look up...there is my son with the biggest smile on his face. I always roll down the window so I can hear him. He is waving feverishly while jumping up and down, I am waving back to him wishing I could sit in driveway until he is bored with smiling and waving at me. I need to get a picture of this, perhaps even some video.

Coming home I get the same reception.  As soon as Jackson hears the garage door open, he runs to whatever window he is closest to. The best days to see this is on Monday and Tuesday when I stop in the middle of the driveway to either take out or bring in the garbage cans. You can hear him from the driveway, "Eeeennnneeewwww!" and knock away. If he is downstairs when I open the door he runs up to me and pulls on my pants, then runs away and comes back. This goes one a for a bit before I get my welcome home kiss. If he is upstairs, he is waiting pacing back and forth at the top, arms flapping away.  He looks so happy and excited to see me. I can't even explain how good it makes me feel.  I get kisses from everyone when I come home from work every day.  When I say everyone that included the doggies. How lucky am I to have that much love under one roof!

Another thing to add about the morning drive in...  I am a huge fan of music and I am lucky to have Sirius satellite radio. It gets me going for the day and I also have a dock that allows me to listen all day at work. It is a total savior for me. When I drove away from my house this morning the first song was the Crash Test Dummies "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm". I haven't heard that song in forever.  The line in the song that hit me and got me thinking was, "She couldn't quite explain it."  That line inspired my post today, trying to explain how lucky I am and my bubbly mood despite the limited sleep for the week. It also makes me think of the doctors, philosophers, psychologists, or therapists who can't always explain the whys or hows to the many things they discover about us humans. Or even when they have the science behind all the discoveries and still can't answer the questions.  Perhaps..."they'd just always been there....."

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