Monday, July 25, 2016

An open letter to my Mocha “Mookie” Latte (March 15, 1999 – July 24, 2016)

My heart is incredibly broken as I write this letter because I had to say goodbye to you yesterday.  I know you are in heaven jumping fences, chasing squirrels, running with the horses, rolling around in the smelliest of things, passing out high fives, riding in a jeep with the top down and your tongue out, blowing (sneezing) on others to get their attention, giving hugs to your uncle Donny, Great Grandpa Bopots, fur brothers, and fur sisters as they welcome you home.  Even though it was so hard to say goodbye, I know it was right for you.

Thank you so much for everything you gave me over the years. I am the luckiest human because I had you. You will always be my princess and moo-moo mutt. You left paw prints all over my heart and soul.  I loved holding you like a baby even on your last day here with me, something I will cherish until I hold you again.  I am so thankful I was able to hold and cry with you in those last moments before saying goodbye. I can’t stop crying and thinking about you, I miss you so much already. 

I will never forget the first day I met you when I came home from a long day at work.  You were the happiest puppy and you were instantly mine from the moment I met you.  I may not have brought you home, but it was fate that brought us together and allowed me to be your mom.  You gave me the greatest joy in the 17 years you were here with me on earth. What a great run we had.  I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter, best friend, and life companion.  You were so smart, funny, loving, athletic, and were always there for me when I needed you the most. I don’t know why you chose me, but my only hope is I was there for you as much as you were there for me.

When you were a puppy and I took you to meet your Uncle Donny, Aunt Tricia, and Cousin Andrew you were so excited.  Andrew was maybe 1 year old at the time when he came running at you full speed and jumped on top of you like a pro-wrestler, you didn’t growl or bite him.  I was so proud of you for that, I know it hurt.  You were so incredibly amazing with children.
I know we moved a lot in the early years, but you always handled it so well. When I brought home your baby brother Tyler Bob, you welcomed him with open arms even though he is a typical Chihuahua. He barks a lot, pulled on your ears, used the floor as his personal bathroom, well… you know the rest. You were the best role model for him even though he didn’t retain anything you taught him.  Thank you for being so patient with him, you were the best big sister.  He is really having a hard time when I leave the room since you are not there to cuddle with him.  He is really going to miss you. I don’t know if Jackson will understand that you are not coming home from the doggie hotel, but I know you made such an impact on his life.

I have the best memories of when you were younger and could jump in my arms, or that one time through the sunroof of my car without leaving a scratch on the roof.  I also remember the time you scared me to death when you jumped our 5ft. fence in the city, ran down to cross a busy street, was tapped/hit by a car, and came running back to me jumping in my arms.  The squeal of those tires haunted me and you for a long time. You never did that again, well at least at that house.  I giggle about the one time you were at grandma and grandpa’s jumping the fences and met a horse for the first time. I will never forget that big smile on your face and that horse as the two of you ran around like you were the best of friends.  Sorry I didn’t have a smart phone back in to capture that memory. That horse’s mama was not so happy about any of it, but it was worth watching you run like the wind. I know that last year was hard for you when your back legs didn’t work as good as they used to, but I didn’t mind carrying you up the stairs to bed at night.  We always thought you would be carrying me up those stairs with my knees.

You made me laugh a lot over the years. I loved how you would have whisper conversations with me. Funny moments that still make me laugh like the time you caught a squirrel through the fence and his tail popped off, or that the time you brought mamma a squirrel when I wasn’t home. She didn’t laugh like I did, but it was funny. 

You loved to look out the window and watch over the house, you were so protective of those you loved.  When mama got pregnant I remember you freaking out when the dishwasher or dryer ran.  You loved it so much when people came to visit that your whole butt would wag not just your tail. I loved seeing that smile on your face when you greeted me at the door when I came home from wherever I had been.

Because of you I became a dog person, or maybe I am just a Mookie person because as long as Tyler is still around the jury is out on that topic.  You filled my life with so much love and happiness.  I love you more than words can say.  I have so many more wonderful memories of you and I am so lucky they will be with me forever. For these reasons I am leaving this letter open as I continue to think of you…

Love always, 


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