Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A few days away

(Note: I typed this up two weeks ago, so I am late in getting it posted.  My next blog post you will understand why.)

So when I last wrote I was mad at myself for not taking time to write and give myself the relief I need.  My blog is not only funny stories of my families’ day-to-day life, or informational for those who want to learn about Fragile X syndrome, but it is a huge stress release for me.  It is a lot like a journal where I can be myself and not care if anyone is judging me.  Hell…does anyone even read this?   LOL!

Any hew… when I last wrote I mentioned we were back on the path of finding a new house to call home.  I am so glad we walked away from the money pit house because not only did we save ourselves from falling into major debt perhaps keeping the money pit from sinking, but it gave us the opportunity to find something even better.   You know…a house that didn’t need major updates in every room, a house that has hardwood floors, a house with a yard that doesn’t slope, a house that doesn’t have rodents living in the attic, a house that really doesn’t need much done but maybe a few coats of paint.   We could see it in our minds…even amidst thinking we had already stumbled across it and finding so many disappointing problems. And then there she was...a bigger, gorgeous, two story home.  Not only did we fall in love with it, but we put an offer on it, got a contract, and close on it at the end of the week.  There are some rooms that need to be painted, we needed a few appliances, some carpet needs to be replaced, oh…and it needs a fence, but it is our dream house.  It has everything we wanted and more.  Sara gets her main floor laundry and walk in closet (which is almost as big as current bedroom).  Jackson gets a new bedroom and even his own therapy/play area.  I get a huge deck and a man cave.  It is perfect and I can hardly wait for Friday to get here.  The last few weeks have been busy with packing, selecting paint colors, and flooring.  The next few weeks will be more packing, cleaning the new house, and painting walls.  The basement is finished in wall to wall 1975 grayish wood paneling.  I promise to post before and after pictures of it all.

New house aside… Jackson has been on two different medicines since the conference.  The divided dose of Clonidine didn’t seem to be working well, when it wore off Jackson was bouncing off the walls.  EBK suggested trying Tenex again, which I was really leery because the last time it did not go too well.  Similar result on take 2, Jackson was not himself at all and the head banging got really bad.  School was seeing an increase in hair pulling and we were seeing that at home too.  Jackson also smashed one of those long dorm wall mirrors with his head at school.  Luckily it did not cut him or hurt any of the other kids; none of the pieces of mirror fell to the ground they stayed attached to the cardboard backing.  So for the last two weeks he has been on a Clonidine patch.  I don’t know if it is too early to tell, but Jackson is definitely himself.  Laughing at farts and wanting to eat all the time.  The head banging isn’t completely gone, but not a frequent problem and is used in an “I am not getting my way” function.  The hair pulling… again something that Is not completely gone, but is being used when trying to get out of something.  

Medicine aside, Jackson is doing really well in speech.  Every day he is making more sounds.  Like most typical 1 and half year olds he reverts to pointing and grunting, when in doubt reverts to finger gagging, but he is working really hard with using his words.  Jackson’s speech therapist is trying hard to help us get a grant proloqo2go for our iPad.  We are hoping to get a grant for it because it is really expensive.  If Jackson points and grunts, you can ask him to use his words and he tries really hard to say it and sign at the same time.  I call that major progress.

Since I brought up the iPad…Jackson’s favorite thing to do on the iPad is watching YouTube videos of people mowing their yards or vacuuming their houses.  I have actually learned a lot about cutting the grass and what our next vacuum purchase should be.   It is also very scary that people let their 2 and 3 years olds cut grass with a lawn mower.  WTF people?  Then there are the three videos of songs Sara and I are getting to know by heart which are “We are young” by fun. (the actual video by the group), “Big Green Tractor” by Jason Aldean (a video of a little boy driving around a JohnDeer), and my personal favorite “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jespen (a video dubbed by Missy Franklin and the USA Olympic swim team).  I always had said if my kid loves the big purple dinosaur I will shoot myself, so I will settle for these pop songs for now.  LOL!

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