Saturday, April 21, 2012

A catch up to the present day…

Jackson’s birthday is in February and this year we were going to celebrate in style with a Rock and Roll theme.  Sara and I were super excited about the theme.  We had all the food purchased, a lot of fun decorations, and some activities planned.  We were all set to celebrate Jackson’s 3rd birthday in style.  The weekend of the big event was when Jackson had his prolonged seizure and so we had to cancel everything.  We had every intention of rescheduling the celebration, but time past quickly and we ended up staying in the hospital over the weekend and even on his actual birthday.  With everything Jackson and we went through we decided against having a big celebration.

Jackson recovered fairly quickly almost as though nothing ever happened; I think that we are still trying to recover from things though.  After a few days being home he has been back to his overly energetic bouncy happy self.  Now when I say bouncy, what I mean is…well…picture Tiger times 10.  Jackson bounces when he is excited, bounces when watching Mickey Mouse Club house, bounces in front of the window, bounces down the hallway…he also bounces when he is anxious. Jackson pretty much bounces when he is not sitting in one place.  I know that bouncing is fun, but besides for fun Jackson does this to get some sensory input for his joints and I think it helps him with some of his anxiety.

The week after we came home from the hospital, Sara had to take her car in to get her driver side passenger door replaced.  I drove the rental to work that week so we didn’t have to worry about putting the car seat in it, oh and so we wouldn’t have to pay to have it detailed and cleaned from the gold fish and teddy grams had we let Jackson ride in it.  While Sara was driving around my car she discovered that someone stole the brand new 2014 stickers off my license plates.  Oh how I love the parking garage at Children’s hospital.
Sara and I were both very happy to see Jackson return to his regular activities.  Jackson was going to start school the week after his birthday, but we decided to wait a little while.  We also had to add to his IEP a seizure action plan and make sure the school was ready and trained on what to do if he has a seizure at school.  I know not everyone who reads my blog knows what an IEP is, but that is a huge topic for a different blog.  Jackson started a school a few weeks later than we had originally planned.  Jackson loves going to school.   We were worried about the transition from his other preschool, but everyone who works with Jackson says he is doing really well.

Sara started working part time again as an ABA provider.  She absolutely loves it.  We also put our house on the market. Call us crazy during this housing market crisis, but the bottom line is we need to live in an area that can provide Jackson with support he needs.  We live in an area where there is not very much funding for people with disabilities.  We also live in a school district that doesn’t offer nearly the same type of supports for Jackson’s educational needs.  When the agent came out we thought putting our house on the market in June would be a good option, it would give us time to clear out closets, clean the garage, take care of a bunch of odds and ends….  The agent had a different idea and said that the sooner the better because houses were moving in our area, mostly in part to the amazing early spring like weather we have had in St. Louis.  She suggested putting a sign in the yard as soon as possible, like in less than two weeks.  I felt like we had so much to do even though Sara had put a huge dent on the closets while Jackson was at school, but somehow we managed to get everything done, Sara even power washed the house.  I am still exhausted from the hard work, but the sign is in the yard.  It has been two weeks and we haven’t had any bites yet, but we are very hopeful someone will love our house just as much as we do.

So recovery, taking care of the cars, Jackson starting a new school, and putting our house on the market sums up our last few months.  We have done some fun activities during that time too, but I will need to save those adventures for another post...

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