Thursday, November 17, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Toddlers just don’t get Day Light Savings time; I think most parents will agree to this.  Before day light savings everything in the sleeping department for Jackson has been fairly consistent with bedtime around 8:00 PM wake up between 5:30 – 6:00 AM.  Around 30 minutes after Jackson takes his medicine, he will walk himself to his bedroom. He has also been staying in his bed overnight a few weeks.  Luckily Day Light Savings didn’t screw that up, however Jackson still an hour behind and. He starts getting sleepy at 6:00 PM, by 6:30 PM he is nodding off without his medicine.  We have been trying to wait as long as possible to give him his medicine and we are barely making it to 7:00 PM.  The earlier Jackson goes to bed, the earlier he rises.  So for the past two weeks he is getting up at 4:45 AM.  High fives all around… NOT!
Jackson was getting super crabby over the fact we would not let him go to bed a few days ago.  He was getting so frustrated with us he started to bang his head, so we decided not to push him further. He was sitting on the stairs between my legs as we gave him his apple sauce with medicine.  Sara went to walk away when she spotted a creepy crawly spider in the entry way.  “Eeekkk!” she shouted “Get it, get it….”  In our house it is my designated job to be the bug killer, only this time I couldn’t take care of it because Jackson laying on me and I was keeping him from banging his head on the steps.

“You got shoes on, step on it” I answered.  So Sara stepped on the spider, but when she lifted up her foot, the spider started to run away.  Those darn New Balance shoes have too many grooves and are not the best at killing creepy crawly things. 

“Eeekkkk!” Sara shouted and then she stomped and annihilated the spider.  Jackson looked up at Sara with a huge grin on his face.  When Sara lifted up her shoe, the spider was gone.  “Eeekkk!  Eeekkk! Eekkk!” Sara shouted again while she was shaking her foot faster than Michael Flaherty from Lord of the Dance.  It was about this point where Jackson and I started hysterically laughing.  “It’s not funny, get it off…Eeekkk!  Get it off!”  Then Sara starts swatting at the thin air.  She is still Lord of the Dancing across the play room.  

“Eekkk!”  Finally what was left of the spider flew off the bottom of her shoe onto the entry way floor.  She then kicked the welcome mat at the multiple body parts that were laying there.  I think it was a burial service, maybe even closure for Sara.  Jackson and I are still laughing hysterically. Sara tells us “It’s not funny”, but that just makes us laugh harder.  I am seriously laughing so hard that tears are rolling down my face.

After Jackson and I are able to slow down the hysterical laughing, I tell Sara, "That shit was YouTube funny" and we head up the stairs to go get PJ’s on. I opened the gate at the top of the stars and as Jackson stepped up into the living room he said, “Eekk! Eekk!” and continued to laugh.  I was so proud of him, not necessarily for making fun of Sara (well I will admit I got a kick out of it), but for imitating Sara.  Jackson has worked very hard in his therapy sessions on imitating motions.  This time Jackson imitated the sounds Sara made, not the Michael Flaherty routine that went with it.

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