Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Softball is over, now what..

Sara and I both have our individual things we do outside the home without each other or Jackson. I think it helps keep the sanity in our house. My thing is softball. When Sara and I first met, I played softball 5 nights a week in spring, summer, and fall. Also in the fall on the weekends it was flag football. After my last knee surgery I gave football 3 more years and decided I needed to retire because it was really rough not just on my knees, but my entire body. When Sara and I started to get more serious, I wanted to spend more time with her, so I started to dwindle down my softball play. When Jackson was born I was down to two nights a week, one Co-Ed league and one women’s league. I have played for both these teams for several years. Last year the Co-Ed team folded which left me with just my girls team. I have played on this team for 10 years. We have changed our team name a few times and we league hop all around the St. Louis area. This year we came back to the city after playing at Bridgeton (BMAC) for 4 or 5 years.

My friend Sophie likes to point out that I was the first token lesbian on the team and at one point I was also the youngest, but we have adopted a few more players over the years so I am no longer the youngest and there are 2 more who ride on my side of the fence, or bats for my team as the sayings go. Any of you who know Sophie can hear her laugh about right now...

One of the best things about this woman's team is it doesn’t matter who you are, they accept everyone who comes to play with us, no matter if you are a sub or become a full time player. These woman are truly amazing and a complete blast to be around. I am so lucky to be a part of this team. Our team name speaks for what our team is about because we are “Here for Beer”. Last year I believe our team name was “AARP”. I love playing softball with these ladies. Every season we pick-up where we left off, of course our bats are little rusty, but it is like we all saw each other just last week. My summer wouldn't be complete if it wasn't for my Double D (daisy dukes) speed on the bases or Bay Watches lack there of, then again we also have a Bill Joel that runs as though she is caring that piano on her back. We laugh with and at each other so hard every week the next morning it feels like you did hundreds of sit-ups or crunches.

This year we had a lot of rainouts and a lot of forfeits, so we didn’t get to see each other as much throughout the season. We were able to muster up enough wins to get 1st place in our league and make it into the playoffs. The playoffs this year were awesome because they take the top 2 teams from each league and you play until you lose. Sadly we lost our first game, but it was a great match. We went 10 innings with one my former teams from several years ago. It was great to see the familiar faces and knew we had a run for our money.

I am sad that the season is over, even though I injured my throwing arm I wish we were still playing. The girls were talking about getting together one night a week for Yoga class, but that is so not my cup of tea. I can’t touch my toes even after stretching for hours. Seriously, can any of you see me doing a downward dog, or whatever it is called? I am trying to find something for me to do during the off season. We bought a new digital SLR camera a few months ago; perhaps I should take a photography class or something. Flag football season starts up here in a few weeks, so there will be that. Hopefully I find something in the meantime though because I am getting a little stir crazy.

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